Any tips for a driving test?

  Si_L 18:39 17 Oct 07

Mine is tomorrow, and I'm a wee bit nervous :(

  alB 18:43 17 Oct 07

Just try and relax, concentrate on what you're doing, don't be afraid to ask the examiner if you're not sure of an instruction and watch your speed, make precise movements on gear changes etc, hope you pass ...alB

just get it right for 45 mins. don't panic if you think you have blown it, you may be surprised. 51% of people have passed every year since the test was introduced, so it's a lottery anyways!
take 3 deep breaths and try to enjoy it, after all you paid for it.
best of luck, adam DoTADI

  paul€ 18:48 17 Oct 07

same as alB.

try and get a good nights sleep. if you make a small mistake, say so.

I forgot to put the handbrake on in one section of my three point turn, I held it on the clutch. I said oops, forgot about the handbrake there and continude on.

I thought I messed it but no, he passed me:))

  Bingalau 18:53 17 Oct 07

Si_L Get a good night's sleep and don't worry about it .. you will not be the first person to fail a test if you do so. My son failed his first test because he didn't know he needed glasses. He found out he had deteriorating sight when he failed to read the number plate, he never even got to start any driving. So make sure you wear your glasses if you do normally.. But it's not worth losing sleep over.... Having said that, "Good Luck" Let us know the result.

it's also worth knowing, it doesnt matter how many minor faults you make they will only fail if you make a dangerous or potentially dangerous action, they will never fail you on just one as you have the right to a retest. potentially dangerous, of course is how the action is read by the examiner.

  Si_L 18:55 17 Oct 07

All sounds good advice :)

Anyone got any funny stories about their driving test?

  Forum Editor 18:57 17 Oct 07

be the most considerate, careful driver on that route tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing the good news.

  laurie53 19:24 17 Oct 07

Remember you CAN drive. Your instructor would not have advised you to take the test if you could not.

Underconfidence is your worst enemy.

I won't say "Good Luck" ' cos I would hate to meet a "lucky" driver on the day his/her luck runs out, but I will wish you go0od fortune in your traffic and weather conditions, and in the mood of your examiner!

  Si_L 19:52 17 Oct 07

I didn't have an instructor, my dad taught me. But he taught my sis and she passed well.

  interzone55 19:55 17 Oct 07

Don't worry if you fail, I failed three times before I eventually passed.

Once for speeding, once for hesitation when reversing (although my next examiner said I shouldn't have failed on that one) and I can't remember why I failed the third one. But the fourth one is te most important, because despite the fact that I was sure I'd failed, I passed.

Anyway, best of luck, and remember, you don't have to wait for the examiner to hit the dashboard in the emergency stop, if someone runs into the road stop anyway, you may just fail if yo wait for the examiner to hit the dashboard...

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