Any one suffer ginger hair?

  dagnammit 13:34 11 Aug 09

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According to this the gene responsible makes ginger haired people more sensitive to pain and need more anaesthetic.


  dagnammit 13:36 11 Aug 09

Title should read:

Anyone suffer more pain with ginger hair?

  peter99co 16:18 11 Aug 09

I was always led to believe that Red-Heads had a bit of a temper.

  Forum Editor 16:37 11 Aug 09

He had a high pain threshold, and was even tempered.

One of my girlfriends was a redhead. She had a low pain threshold, and was fiery, to say the least.

The 'bit of a temper' thing with redheads is a myth. I don't know about the pain gene, but I suspect it's a red herring.... sorry.

  jakimo 18:03 11 Aug 09

The ginger haired do suffer with a pain in the neck a lot due to all the idiot name calling

  Bingalau 18:26 11 Aug 09

I always thought red/ginger haired people were nice. But maybe I was swayed by a certain female film star back in the 40's - 50's? It wasn't Ginger Rogers either.

  JYPX 19:35 11 Aug 09

Interesting link. With regard to going through life with red hair, yes, some suffer name calling at school, but after that is out of the way things get a lot better. There is no downside to having red hair, it's all good......and I am not just talking about Prince Harry.
Not that long ago a woman stopped me in the city centre and told me that she had met me very briefly about 12 years ago. I was struggling at this point and expressed the opinion that she had a pretty amazing memory. No, not at all she said "I recognized you straight away - can you not guess why......! "
I have to disagree with our FE about red hair + temper. I have noticed this tendency in quite a few women, and men, so I think there is something in it.

  octal 20:02 11 Aug 09

Jessica Rabbit?

Sorry, rather later :)

  WhiteTruckMan 20:05 11 Aug 09

Chris Evans on radio 2 most evenings, if that helps?


  laurie53 20:05 11 Aug 09

Rita Hayworth

  Bingalau 21:43 11 Aug 09

Laurie53. You should have go at Brumas's postcard puzzle on Friday nights. Rita Hayworth was the lovely lady indeed.

Yes Octal, that Jessica Rabbit was a corker too.

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