Any Norwegian travellers out there?

  jack 13:34 25 Jan 09

In three weeks or so my daughter and I are off to Norway 7 days to try to find the Northern Lights
We will most of the time be on the ship
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where we will be fed B or D but will top up at the cafeteria and the odd excursion ashore-the ships do not stop any where for long- sometime as little as 30 minutes or so.
So with little to spend money on how much local currency should I obtain for the two of us- no souvenirs to buy- just grub and the odd excursion if time permits?

  jack 13:35 25 Jan 09
  John B 15:38 25 Jan 09

I went to Oslo about three years ago. The prices were truly shocking!

  Noldi 17:00 25 Jan 09

I think if you go most places at the moment prices are shocking because the pound is very weak.


  spuds 17:15 25 Jan 09

That is the major problem, prices are rather high in Norway and Scandinavian areas in general.The only solution that I can offer, is to perhaps really on the ship's currency exchange facility, if or when required.

  mikef. 18:13 25 Jan 09

I use the cash points ashore, got a very good exchange rate in Norway last summer, you'll find these everywhere and near where the ships dock, if you're flying to Bergen you'll have no trouble getting money before sailing, including the airport terminal

  laurie53 19:50 25 Jan 09

Whatever you do don't buy alcohol, phenomenally expensive.

If eating out go for local food, e.g. fish (I found the halibut particularly good) and reindeer (depends a bit on the age of your daughter!).

  amonra 19:56 25 Jan 09

I second that. I attended a course in Norway some years ago and lived in "cheap" hotels. By cutting back on meals during the week and not going out, we did manage to buy a round of drinks each on Saturday nights !
Lovely country though and very friendly people, enjoy !

  jack 11:59 26 Jan 09

I have checked that my debit card will travel so thats OK.
'(depends a bit on the age of your daughter!).
No problems there she is a 51 year old Veggie!

Well lets hope they turn on the Northern Lights for us eh!

  laurie53 20:10 26 Jan 09

Oh Dear! I guess the halibut's out as well then!

Have a nice trip.

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