Any Gardening Experts Around?

  crosstrainer 14:15 07 Jun 08

I live next to the river Taff, and my back garden is constantly plauged by what I can only describe as "River weed"

I call it this simply because I have seen it growing along the footpath of the river.

Long, slender green stuff that grows @ an alarming rate, and despite being backbreakingly extracted including roots, returns after a week or two.

I have Roses, Korean Fir trees and a variety of dwarf conifers in the garden.

Anything I can do to prevent this damn stuff coming back?

  gardener 14:26 07 Jun 08

Hope it's not Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam. These two are almost impossible to eradicate.

  crosstrainer 14:30 07 Jun 08

I will post a picture in a mo!

  €dstowe 14:35 07 Jun 08

There's another menace called Russian Vine also known as mile-a-minute.

  crosstrainer 14:44 07 Jun 08

Lousy picture, but have cleared most of it, and it's raining....Is it the dreaded Knotweed?

click here

  octal 14:44 07 Jun 08

That sounds like Bamboo, it's a real menace in the Lea Valley it's probably Japanese Knotweed.

click here

  crosstrainer 14:47 07 Jun 08

Nope, it's not the Knotweed :)

  johndrew 14:47 07 Jun 08

The only thing that may help is a systemic weed killer - a treatment with Glyphosate in it - or Sodium Chlorate. Beware, both will kill pretty much everything they touch and the latter stays in the soil for about a year.

You could have a look click here or click here or click here

  crosstrainer 14:50 07 Jun 08

That kind of stuff is not an option, too many valuable plants in close quarters....Oh well, Looks like I'll have to use the old fashioned manual option!

  octal 14:52 07 Jun 08

"Long, slender green stuff that grows @ an alarming rate" Describes Knotweed perfectly, I hope it isn't for your sake, but they do have a real problem with it. Digging up the root is not enough, as disposing of it becomes controlled waste.

  gardener 14:52 07 Jun 08

It's not Himalayan Balsam either. It could be a garden escape gone wild. Have you ever seen it in flower?

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