Any ex Vindi Boys out there?

  Brumas 21:36 11 Jan 07

I know that the training ship Vindicatrix has it’s own website and association (of which I am a member), and I have no wish to turn this thread into a ‘chat-room’ for old hands, but I was just wondered if any old Vindi-Boys were members of this forum?

I was there June/July 1965 – Catering dept . If I can recall “ We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place” by the Animals was in the charts – we REALLY meant it when we sang it!!

  Bingalau 22:30 11 Jan 07

I go to a booze-up about once a fortnight with a gang of Merchant Navy blokes. I know some of them are "Vindi Boys" and proud of it. I think they have their own "Get Together" now and again in Liverpool. I am also in touch with an ex Merchant Navy man down in the Bristol area. Ex-Capt Joe Earl, (never met him but he sends me poems about the sea etc.) I think he was also a "Vindi Boy". I will ask next time I am talking to him. But he is the only one I know that uses a computer. I don't think he is a member of this forum though, he's too busy writing his poems. ..Bingalau..

  Brumas 22:58 11 Jan 07

They said it was the hardest course in Britain at the time - when I joined the Army afterwards it seemed like a walk in the park!

  Brumas 14:23 12 Jan 07


  Bingalau 17:45 12 Jan 07

Brumas. I neither joined the Army or the Vindi, but I did do an awful long time in the Royal Marines. When I joined the initial training was twelve months. But I have met people who did their training in Vindi and it was hard for a good reason. It made men of you. Keep bumping this up now and again and you never know, there may happen to be an old Vindi boy looking in at the right time, Good luck. ..Bingalau..

  Brumas 20:47 13 Jan 07

Cheers, maybe they are all shy *eyes rolled* or ,more than likely down the "Pig & Whistle"

  Brumas 16:48 14 Jan 07

Well I am puzzled, I would have thought I wasn't the only one - they can't all have gone to 'Davy Jones's Locker' surely ?

  Bingalau 16:56 14 Jan 07

Brumas. I didn't go to my usual Thursday afternoon haunt, where I normally talk to the ex-MN men. So I couldn't ask if there were any there. However I will be going next Thursday afternoon and will see if I can find any. If I do I will obtain their details (Name/Rank/Number) and get back to you... ..Bingalau..

  Brumas 21:44 14 Jan 07

There really is no need old mate, I was just curious to see if any used this forum - but thanks very much for thinking of me.

  microcoder 22:55 14 Jan 07

Old soldiers
Making it easier
For young souls.
Moving them on
To freedom.

Listen for
Who is out there?



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