Any education experts out there?

  john bunyan 06 Jul 13

It is about 58 years since my A levels so I am a little out of date! There has been much recent discussion from Mr Gove on their future, and I wondered why no one seems to mention the International Baccalaureate as an alternative- it seems to work in places like Singapore etc. My 18 years old grand daughter got the results of her IB today ( she has just left a UK school) and got 41 points. I have read that this is either 675 or 635 UKAS points (whatever they are) . I wondered what this is in equivalent A* Levels? I must say that compared with her friends taking A levels she has put in, I would think, 100% more homework and revision, together with an extended essay, theory oh knowledge etc. Was it worth it? She has offers at UCL and Royal Holloway for reading History.

  Aitchbee 06 Jul 13

I am 'out of time' [song title?] as well jb as far as modern school / university education is concerned, but I hope your grand-daughter gets a good university placement [in History] that she's happy with.

I've heard [on Radio4] rumours, that in a few years time, it will be a nightmare for young people with differing [but similar qualifications] when writing out and submitting a CV to potential EMPLOYERS because of the myriad of different but similar qualificatins that will be 'swirling about'. It doesn't make it any easier for young people with all this choppin' 'n' changin'.

  Brumas 06 Jul 13

john bunyan congratulations to your grand daughter, you most be so very proud of her and her achievements.

  fourm member 07 Jul 13

This site seems to be what you're looking for. It gives UKAS points for just about every possible qualification (including riding a horse).

Or, this points calculator might be helpful.

  john bunyan 07 Jul 13

fourm member

Thanks for the link.


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