Any dog experts out there?

  anchor 14:29 23 May 09

My late Mother had an unusual pair of porcelain bulldogs, which are now mine. They must at least 70 years old; possibly more. The glaze and colouring is still perfect, so they must have been of good quality. There is no mark the indicate their origin.

I would like to know if anyone can identify the actual breed; she called them French Bulldogs, but I have my doubts.

Here is the link to the picture

click here

Thanks for your help.

  Curio 14:50 23 May 09

I think she was right
click here

  feb 14:55 23 May 09

They are "Pugs" floppy ears, curly tails. click here

French Bulldogs have high set ears and docked tails click here=

  nangadef 14:56 23 May 09

Could Victorian Bulldogs? click here

  feb 15:19 23 May 09

Victorian Bulldogs, docked again!

  anchor 16:05 23 May 09

Yes, they do look like like a "pug". The mystery is solved at long last.

Thanks to you all.

  wiz-king 16:35 23 May 09

This looks like one of your pair (scroll down about half way PP181) click here

  anchor 16:55 23 May 09

19th century Staffordshire Porcelain Pug Dogs.

Thanks a lot wiz-king; those are exactly the ones!.

  wiz-king 19:04 23 May 09

See you on the Antiques Roadshow next time round?

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