Any chance of removing the ad. of the woman with the big mouth?

  Bingalau 03 Jun 12

The picture of that woman makes me cringe for some reason. Can you put an alternative one on please?

  Bingalau 03 Jun 12

Good fast work she seems to have gone...

  Condom 03 Jun 12

I was going to say something there but I then saw the ton of bricks above my head and thought better of it;-)

  Aitchbee 03 Jun 12

Condom are a wise fellow ;o)

  interzone55 03 Jun 12

I never see these ads, which is odd as the only ad blocker I use is disabled on this forum as it messed with the page formatting

  Quickbeam 04 Jun 12

"Good fast work she seems to have gone..."

Do you really believe that it's gone 'cos of your blunt thread title;)

  Bingalau 04 Jun 12

Quickbeam. Not really, as she has appeared a lot since then.

  Quickbeam 11 Jun 12

The big gobbed woman is getting really quite un-nerving now.

I'm with Bingalau now in having her packed off out of the way!

  spuds 11 Jun 12

What about the bloke who seems to replace her at times, or the video's that seem to force sound into your headphones, advertising some products?.

Personally I thought the woman looked a bit like Beatles Paul's ex!.

Perhaps stepping out of line a little,with no offence intended, but I was wondering if the 'bloke' was the forum editor doing some moonlighting with the "What" expression and look?.

  Aitchbee 11 Jun 12

I haven't seen (or heard) this woman with the 'big-mouth' ... I must be lucky.

  Joseph Kerr 11 Jun 12

I'm with spuds; get rid of the actually intrusive ones first. Nowt will happen of course, this won't even get a response, like previous posts on the topic.

Nice to be a valued punter.


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