Any Apple Mac fans in Speakers Corner??

  Forum Editor 18:52 04 May 15

There's lots of help needed in our Apple Help Forum.

Lots of the problems can be resolved with a little help from Google - it would be great if we can get a higher resolution rate in the Apple forum.

  Brumas 19:21 04 May 15

Forum Editor, I have had an iMac now for ten years and any problems I have I use the GeekSquad. Unfortunately I am not very 'computer literate' in fact I am as thick as pig poo and twice as sloppy when it comes to what goes on inside my machine - sorry I cannot help :o(

  rdave13 20:07 04 May 15

FE , I've had a go on one problem but I feel a bit of a fraud. I think Macs are overrated and over priced and would never consider buying one.

Still, I hope I've given a little help at least.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:14 04 May 15

Sounds like the Emperor is trying to tempt us to the dark side :0)

Interesting how "windows" machines were thought of as PCs and Apple's machines have always been refereed to as Macs.

Nice machines but overpriced, leave very little for the "tinkerer" to mess with therefore I have tended to avoid them and therefore never felt competent to help.

  bumpkin 21:31 04 May 15

Why not intergrate the Apple Help into the Tech Helproom then I would think that more people are likely to view it.

  rdave13 21:33 04 May 15

*Fruit Bat /\0/* , you don't have family that own a Mac then.... lucky.

  rdave13 23:56 04 May 15

Seems the OPs don't have much hope for replies. 4 hrs. since I replied to one question.

So back to Windows then.

  cream. 07:50 05 May 15

I and many others give help and get the latest news from the MacRumours website.

  HondaMan 11:51 05 May 15

I think bumpkin has a very good idea. Doing so will help lessen the divide between "them" and "us". I have both so I'm sitting on the fence!

  Sapins 10:22 14 May 15

I'm with bumpkin.

  john bunyan 10:43 14 May 15

I would like a Mac except that I do not think it worth twice the price of a windows PC. I am surprised that there are not more queries on iPads and iTunes; I seem to remember these were once more prevalent.

On issue for very thin machines, especially touch screens, is their fragility and cost of repair - I believe a new touch screen is over £400 vs less than £100 on a typical windows laptop.

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