Any Americans in our membership

  Bingalau 16:34 30 Jun 08

If so I think you might appreciate this... Have your sound on when opening the link.

click here

  jack 20:10 30 Jun 08


  J B 20:39 30 Jun 08

I am American and The card is for the Fourth of July Celebrations. I think it is better than the usual ones, and have sent it to a few friends. J.B.

  Forum Editor 21:00 30 Jun 08

Jacquie Lawson, the artist who produced this card, is English. She's the one who produces those ever-popular animated Christmas cards, and I think this fourth of July card is pretty good - the flower illustrations are high-quality - and it doesn't make me 'wanna puke' at all.

  Bingalau 21:14 30 Jun 08

J B. Good, I thought it was very well done and in spite of my garden being overgrown at the moment with weeds. I do like flowers. As a matter of interest, it wouldn't surprise me if the English, maybe even Scottish and Welsh counties, were also to have their own flower as a symbol. I know we have roses for Lancashire and Yorkshire of course. But are there others?

  crosstrainer 07:18 01 Jul 08

We have:

click here

Scotland has the thistle (I think)

Ireland the shamrock (or is it the clover?)

  crosstrainer 07:21 01 Jul 08

The dragon, although there appears to be some debate about this (North vs South Wales)

  laurie53 08:33 01 Jul 08

Bingalau was referring to counties, not countries, unless, of course, you regard Scotland and Wales as counties of England.

The BBC certainly regards them as "regions", but that's another thread!

  laurie53 08:36 01 Jul 08

Thanks Bingalau.

Will be on its way to Texas and Ohio for the weekend.

  Bingalau 09:51 01 Jul 08

If my Scottish pals get wind of only being counties of England they will go berserk. Also stand by for the wrath of wee eddie.

  TopCat® 16:34 01 Jul 08

a few to be getting on with! click here

Petal (or just Bud for the Americans!) :o)

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