Anti-Virus & Androids (Not Mr Data)

  Input Overload 25 Jan 12

I was reading a mail tonight from PCA regarding risks using the Android operating system among others on smartphones. I have the complete version of Webroot SecureAnywhere which is a cloud based AV derived from the same base as Prevx - I think it's rather good actually.

This version covers 3 PC's & 3 mobile devices & was thinking about installing it on a HTC Desire & also a Samsung of my daughters.

Most people seem to think this is way OTT & I'm paranoid. The mail was from a report it seems from AVG who maybe have an interest is getting users to use AV on mobile devices?

Does anyone else use AV on a smartphone or the like & has anyone had issues with phishing etc?

  Al94 25 Jan 12

I use AVG on my Android phone, got a bit concerned after reading reports of dodgy apps. Using it for a couple of months with no issues.

  interzone55 25 Jan 12

My doctor thinks I'm paranoid, well he's never said it, but I know that's what he's thinking...

By the way, no intention of installing AV software on my phone - what's the point I never open attachments in emails on my phone (which are scanned by Google anyway, so are clean), I only visit about 4 different sites on the phone browser and don't install apps without checking them out first

  Input Overload 26 Jan 12

Going to try it on the HTC later as the 'owner' is liable to install anything from anyone.

If it causes hassle I'll remove it, it won't cost me anything. Then if it works OK I'll move on to the Samsung. thanks for replies :-)

  T0SH 26 Jan 12

There are quite a number of free antivirus apk utilities on the Android market place, so even if the risk is minimal and provided the resource overhead is small then there is everything to gain and nothing to lose

Cheers HC


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