Another silly statement from my local radio

  pj123 17:08 07 Jun 08


The latest news and weather report.

The weather forecaster said:

"there is a medium risk of sunburn"

It has been raining here since very early this morning and is still raining now.

  Earthsea 17:17 07 Jun 08

Perhaps they meant rainburn?

  Woolwell 17:23 07 Jun 08

My local radio station weather forecaster often states that there is a risk of an odd shower. Occasional shower I've seen but perhaps they are expecting it to rain cats and dogs - hmm perhaps they are right after all!

  Earthsea 17:32 07 Jun 08

What's with all this pedantry?

'Odd' can be used perfectly correctly to mean 'occasional'.

  mrwoowoo 17:34 07 Jun 08

Oh dear..We shouldn't of destroyed the Ozone layer.We're all doomed i tell you...doomed.

  Chegs ®™ 00:38 08 Jun 08

I have encountered sunburn when the weather has been overcast.Admittedly,it wasnt in the UK but if it can happen in spain then the same could be true here.

  Forum Editor 01:01 08 Jun 08

It certainly can happen here.

  jakimo 09:08 08 Jun 08

The reflected light from white overcast clouds can cause sunburn

  ened 11:06 08 Jun 08

A couple of years ago I spent three hours (on the patio) assembling one of those flat-packs which claim to need twenty minutes!!!

I was doing it on an overcast day and the sun never came out.

That evening my shoulders and upper back were most definitely cooked and I was lucky no to have sunstroke.

Next time,if my wife insists on buying something like that, she can do it herself!

  pavvi 16:36 08 Jun 08

I have to admit to being truly awful at putting flatpacks together: the diagrams never make any sense to me, and threre's often a screw missing (or is that just me? ;)

  belfman 17:49 08 Jun 08

pavvi, it's either something missing or something left over when you think you're finished!

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