another knock to my faith in the legal system..

  Seth Haniel 13:18 01 Apr 09

two years ago my elderly parents were conned out of a amount of money by a serial thief/connman - who was caught and charged and a HMCS compensation award sent - which of course was never paid - since then this conman/theif has regularly been mentioned in the court roundups for further thefts - and of regular phonecalls to the courts have informed me that We were 4th in line for pay out and last august 2nd in line and that money was now being pulled from his dole to pay fines - in September finally 1st in queue for compensation - till the court in December decided to lump all his previous fellons into one and jail him for 16 weeks - thus wiping out any debt - so bang goes our compensation - luckily not too much money - but in these times for elderly too much.
So courts are still favouring the criminal ;(

  interzone55 13:28 01 Apr 09

One place I worked a member of staff stole £3,000 from the safe.

They were convicted and ordered to pay it back, at £1 a week - yes, that would take almost 58 years.

I think we only ever received about 3 or 4 cheques from the courts, which my manager simply pinned to the notice board, as it would cost more than £1 to process the cheques...

  Cymro. 14:54 01 Apr 09

I suppose it is a case of blood from a stone and all that.
He is probably a professional and knew quite well that this is what would happen. For him prison is just a risk of the job.

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