Another broadband speed issue

  numskull 11:09 19 Sep 07

Moved to Sky Broadband two weeks ago. First week I was getting +/- 5800 (DSLzone)this week I am down to +/- 5200. Could it be anything to do with the advertised Firefox tweaks or using Firetune?

  numskull 11:10 19 Sep 07

Posted in wrong section.

  Stuartli 20:21 19 Sep 07

More than likely the change to Sky.

When I moved from Tiscali to TalkTalk 18 months ago, my then 2MB speed service was about 10 per cent faster as a result.

  interzone55 21:15 19 Sep 07

For the first couple of weeks your ISP will tweak the speeds in order to get the most reliable connection. The speed will change over time as well.

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