Another brilliant idea from the BBC

  Covergirl 17 Jan 12

Ha - how many times does the BBC want their TV licence money from us?

BBC to Charge for iPlayer

OK, it's only an idea at the moment, but I thought I'd already paid my licence fee?

Oh, hang on though - isn't the licence fee frozen for a few years?

Say no more . . . .

  Quickbeam 17 Jan 12

But why would I pay for the iplayer when all I have to do is record instead, and that wouldn't restrict me to a time limit to watch it.

  wiz-king 17 Jan 12

They were thinking of a fee for non-UK use at one time.

  Aitchbee 17 Jan 12

The sooner the BBC do this ...the better...with one proviso!

THEY (Auntie Beeb) MUST abolish the TV LICENCE FEE.

  mole44 17 Jan 12

The licence fee is to recieve the signal,the BBc get a portion of this as do i think channel 4.So even if you don't watch the BBc you still need a licence to recive the broacast signal,yup even on your pc.

  Joseph Kerr 17 Jan 12

Indeed mole, but why concentrate on true details when you can just kick Aunty at every opportunity?

  morddwyd 17 Jan 12

Why should non-licence payers get broadcast material, which we licence holders have paid for, for nothing?

  interzone55 17 Jan 12

There are a number of people who only watch TV by computer using iPlayer etc, these people do not need a licence so are not paying for the content.

Perhaps you could create an iPlayer account using your licence number and get content for no additional fee, if you don't have a licence there should be a monthly fee for iPlayer access, just like I pay a monthly fee to watch movies online from Love Film

  Covergirl 18 Jan 12

Best hop on over to the PCA Poll and associated thread on this subject.

I'll mark this thread closed.

  jtt 19 Jan 12

They sell DVDs, so why shouldn't they be able to sell archive programmes?


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