Another annoying advert

  Covergirl 19:01 21 Oct 11

We've just got rid of the video ad, now there's something (from Microsoft I think) rending the screen asunder and putting the two halves back together when you close it. Unfortunately for me, this action corrupts the screen slightly, but a refresh sorts it out.

  Quickbeam 19:15 21 Oct 11

I think were advertising guinea pigs, PCA uses us to demonstrate to advertisers know just how far they can go with an ad campaign before the red mist descends, and the benefits become outweighed by the advantages.

We're serving a vital function to the advertising industry...

  Quickbeam 19:16 21 Oct 11


  Aitchbee 19:36 21 Oct 11

QB - but we get lots of 'rewards' if we behave.

  rdave13 19:37 21 Oct 11


  rdave13 19:39 21 Oct 11

I've got the IE pop-up blocker on and tracking protection and that's it - but still no evil adverts show for me. I must be pure in heart.....

  Aitchbee 19:49 21 Oct 11

Spywareblaster stopped the annoying adverts on the side of the screen.I don't know how it works ...but it works.End of advert.

  rdave13 20:23 21 Oct 11

AitchBEE, interesting, it does show it blocks certain web adverts.

  lotvic 20:29 21 Oct 11

AitchBEE How do you know it was Spywareblaster that blocked it? Did you get a message or something to say so?

  rdave13 20:46 21 Oct 11


Spywareblaster is a blocker. It stops adware on a browser amongst other things. Most to do with active-x.

Interesting read.

  lotvic 22:18 21 Oct 11

rdave13, yes I know, I've got it. Also got AdBlock+ and other 'tweaks' to block.

I just wondered how AitchBEE could be sure that it was Spywareblaster in particular that blocked it.

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