Annoying advert

  userious? 06 Jul 11

Anyone else find the Blackberry advert bouncing up and down on the edges annoying?

  lucky1 06 Jul 11

It's now been there for so long I don't even notice it! Besides, it helps to pay for the excellent site that this is.

  ams4127 06 Jul 11

Two things I will never, ever buy....

  1. Blackberry
  2. ESET security
  n47. 06 Jul 11

What advert?

Not seen here.


  Al94 06 Jul 11

I agree, so annoying they turn me off! These advertising types don't seem to get it!

  daz60 06 Jul 11

My favourites/bookmarks leads me direct to the forum.It is only when i go to the magazine that the advert appears.Anyway we would not have the magazine/website if it where not for advertisers.

  Covergirl 06 Jul 11

It's not actually on at this moment in time - or so it seems here, and I've no blockers.

I enjoyed the other advert which flipped the screen. Impressive !!

  eikonuj 08 Jul 11

I too found it intensely annoying, but Simple Adblock 1.0.9 got the cane out of the cupboard.

  buteman 08 Jul 11

Unfortunately you have to pay for Simple Adblock now.So not sure if it is an early version you have.

I have recently upgraded to IE9 and although the Advert is there it is static and not a nuisance.

  eikonuj 08 Jul 11

buteman - google it or download from Cnet, it's not free but I had a 30 day trial. When they ask me to pay I will, worth every penny because it works. Try it.

  buteman 08 Jul 11


I have used the free version when it first started and it got hacked a few times, no doubt it is a far better program now.

I am sure there are better programs if you have to pay.

IE7 pro Add-On is still free as long as you do not download the latest version.It works ok on IE8 or below but not so good on IE9 although it still works.


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