Andrew Sachs?

  Bingalau 20:52 03 Jun 10

I have just had a bet with my sone that I read somewhere that Andrew Sachs had died. Can anybody confirm this for me please?

  folsom 21:02 03 Jun 10

Odd thing to bet on but as far as I know he is still alive and kicking.

  birdface 21:09 03 Jun 10

Maybe you might have heard this.

click here

  Bingalau 21:10 03 Jun 10

folsom. We were having ageneral discussion about old TV shows etc. when it came around to talking about "Manuel" and of course the wonderful Berlin born actor who played him. I said "Oh I'm sure he died last week" This was poo-poohed and of course I stuck to my guns that I had read it either in a newspaper or on the internet. I said maybe the election had smothered such items of news last week and I was certain I had read it. So we ended up having a small wager on it. Trying to find out is a different matter. But I know we have the people here who will know for certain. By the way I also read that he was eighty years old when he died.

  Bingalau 21:13 03 Jun 10

buteman, You may be correct in which case I am a fiver worse off.

  Forum Editor 22:58 03 Jun 10

and well, and living in London.

  morddwyd 07:00 04 Jun 10

Another victory for senile decay!

  Armchair 09:53 04 Jun 10

Last week a computer-less relative of mine reckoned that Bill Maynard (of Selwyn Froggitt fame) died years ago, and wouldn't believe me when I told her she was wrong. Showed her the IMDB entry for him, and I still don't think she's convinced.

  interzone55 10:01 04 Jun 10

You may want to consult this web site before making rash bets in the future

click here

  Bingalau 13:16 04 Jun 10

Thanks to all for the news that he is alive and kicking, I've paid up and taken note of all the good advice... Senile decay is about right I reckon. But will I learn to keep my trap shut in future? I will probably have forgotten this lesson in a week's time.

  morddwyd 16:45 04 Jun 10

Advice p[lease - how do you get to remember things for a week?

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