Andrea Pininfarina

  Grey Goo 09:53 08 Aug 08

Seems he has been knocked off his scooter by a car and has died as a result.

  birdface 10:28 08 Aug 08

Actually never had a clue who he was so Googled here

  Cymro. 11:05 08 Aug 08

So he must have been the chap who designed that old Austin Cambridge that I learned to drive in.
Happy days etc.

  Al94 11:11 08 Aug 08

Not by him but by his family firm - under his grandfather Battista Bclick here

  Cymro. 11:15 08 Aug 08

Thanks for that A194
make me feel even older then!!!!!!!!!!!

  laurie53 20:28 08 Aug 08

Given that he hand a hand in the Mini, and some other iconic British cars like the A40 and the Cambridge already mentioned, I'm surprised his unrtimely death did not receive more attention.

  Al94 12:24 09 Aug 08

He didn't, he was 51 when he died, mini was launched 49 years ago when he was 2 and not born when the others were designed!

  Diemmess 18:20 09 Aug 08

Al94 is surely correct.

The coach building firm Pininfarina I remember, was influential among British cars around 1958 +
It was associated with the body design of the Austin A50, 55 and possibly the 99 amd 105.
Not exactly breath taking when revealed.

Their better designs were among Italian up-market sports cars.

According to Wikipedia this man was grandson of the founder and CEO of the firm.

  laurie53 21:14 09 Aug 08

Sorry, saw the name and put 2 and 2 together and made five!

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