Ancient PowerFlex for DOS buffs

  Diemmess 09:06 29 Apr 06

I hate throwing anything away when I have no conceivable use for it, but it works!

If DOS still facinates you, and you want the opportunity to join the band of those who understand the "Black Art" of custom programming for industrial sized databases... its yours for a refund of postage... email me.
(I should warn it weighs about 2KG with massive manuals, original floppys and licence)
It's an early version of PowerFlex (v.2.63) which is compatable with older Dataflex. Runs on MSDOS platform. Current versions click here

  Diemmess 11:09 30 Apr 06

Who would want this sort of thing anyway?
In Speakers' Corner I hope nobody minds the link with personal history.

A professional colleague had a computer hobby involving writing programs in extended DOS (Tandy TrsDos).

He sold me the hard and software of a management system, (accounts and recalls), later converting to DataFlx and my first PC.
During a few short years he handed the running of his professional practice to his wife and wrote software for Boots, Kraft foods and other more specialised "Expert" programs linking databases to a sort of online advice/diagnosis system.
He was now using Dataflex and then Powerflx.

He updated my sofware in professional use and I retired. I wrote my own personal financial software.

By the time I was into Windows 9x and changed to Powerflx I could no longer make sense of it, and gave up in favour of Access.

That was 10 years ago!

  Diemmess 19:46 02 May 06

That was a long time ago and it is now very "old hat."

It goes out with Biffa Waste Services tomorrow unless I receive an email to rescue.

  Diemmess 08:35 03 May 06

Well at least I offered!

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