Shmueli 02:45 28 Sep 06

Can someone post something American?

  wolfie3000 06:51 28 Sep 06
  wolfie3000 07:12 28 Sep 06

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum
If you just joined,

And if you are a long term member then hello anyway :)

With this type of thread you may get some wacky posts on it but not to worry no malice is meant the guys on here are always a good laugh and good natured. :)

  Jackcoms 09:08 28 Sep 06

"Can someone post something American?"

Er, why??

  Sethhaniel 09:18 28 Sep 06

a problem on an American PC???

yes its all Windows - just the keyboard changes & Spellchecker ;)

  MESH Support 11:46 28 Sep 06

I took the question to be the Op asking if he is allowed to post something American.

If I'm wrong then I feel wolfie3000's post fit the criteria perfectly.


  wolfie3000 11:50 28 Sep 06

I feel i may be wrong Davey as i took the question literally and that may not be the case.

  Shmueli 11:53 28 Sep 06


  wolfie3000 11:56 28 Sep 06

So Shmueli im curious as to why you posed that question?

  Shmueli 12:03 28 Sep 06

I"m new, and I really just wanted to try it out!! ;-)

  wolfie3000 12:05 28 Sep 06

Thats cool welcome to the forum.

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