Amazing conservatory

  Blackhat 13:49 23 Jul 10

As the owner of a conservatory manufacturing company myself, I was amazed at the workmanship involved in this project, I rate it as the best conservatory I have ever seen.
click here
Scroll down the link for the 2 video clips.

ps it is not my website.

  Chris the Ancient 15:15 23 Jul 10

For goodness sake don't watch the videos whilst wearing headphones! The sound is all over the place and the 'background' music is rather overwhelming (and yes, I did have my earphones on the correct way round.)

It did my head no good at all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:18 23 Jul 10

Hell's Bells, these lot don't faff around.


  peter99co 17:49 23 Jul 10

Cracking site!

  Forum Editor 18:18 23 Jul 10

than most people spend on a whole house.

  ams4127 20:11 23 Jul 10

Discount for cash?

  TopCat® 20:53 23 Jul 10

Did anyone spot something missing from that copper-clad masterpiece? A lightning conductor of course! :o) TC.

  Blackhat 22:26 23 Jul 10

I would imagine that the rather large copper finial on the top would serve as a very good lightening conducter assuming that the conservatory is earthed.

This is an interesting point actually, I manufacture all aluminium conservatory roofs and they often have large pointed aluminium finials. I have never been asked about earthing or lightening conductivity.

  amonra 22:38 23 Jul 10

Where could you buy timber of that quality in this country ?
Not in your local B+Q !

  the hick 22:59 23 Jul 10

amonra - is real mahogany available in the UK anywhere any more? B & Q do not even have small section mouldings in hardwood for picture frames etc, probably due to some EU ruling I suspect.

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