Am I so unobservant?

  exdragon 08:51 02 Jun 08

How long have those flashing yellow direction arrows been in place?

Please don't say they've always been there or that there have been many posts about them or I shall retire with an 'Improve your observation' programme...

  Quickbeam 08:54 02 Jun 08


  crosstrainer 08:55 02 Jun 08

If you mean the arrows on the number of pages in the thread, then I'm afraid you may have to go on the course! They have been there for donkey's. :)

  exdragon 08:59 02 Jun 08

Hangs head in shame - never noticed them flashing before... :-(((

  jack 09:05 02 Jun 08

You have not read/responded to long running threads.

If I for one come across in the help section a thread with ten or more responses, tend these day to pass on - if it ain't sorted by then what chance do I have of putting my oar in/
Though sometimes - just sometimes - I might- you never know.

  anskyber 09:05 02 Jun 08

I must join you in your shame, like you I had not seen them flashing; I had seen the arrows but static.

  laurie53 09:07 02 Jun 08

My first thought was "What arrows?" (It's OK - I've found them now)

I shall book a place on the course!

  exdragon 09:18 02 Jun 08

My excuse is that I was without my PC for a week recently and couldn't possibly have caught up on all the postings in all the sections for that length of time!

Someone is now going to tell me they've been there for 3 years...

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