for all you talk talk customers

  finerty 09:34 23 Sep 11
  finerty 09:37 23 Sep 11

As you can see talk talk still the biggest wingers

  Autoschediastic 10:10 23 Sep 11

finerty we was considering leaving VM due to a number of reasons that ive posted on the forum recently, one of the options was talk talk, we discussed things with them i wasnt happy with their packages but the wife was insistent so she won me over moving from 50mb to a 20mb connection, it was like taking a man's beer away from him! Then i did some reviews and was shocked by them?? as with any company you will always get lots of complaints online about them BUT talk talk was by far the worst by very far in fact!

so ive decided "Better the devil you know"...

  DM. 10:14 23 Sep 11

I have been with them for years, from tiscali. No problems.

24Mb exchange

unlimited downloads

free calls 24/7

service never been down for years

500minutes of calls to mobiles

line rental

for under £29 a month.

No other company comes close on price.

  Chegs ®™ 22:07 23 Sep 11

I've been with several providers and am now with TalkTalk.Apart from not understanding the voice at the call centres as english was definitely not being spoken to me,and nightly disconnections,and variances in speed,their service is what I would expect for free(I don't pay for the broadband,only for the calls & line rental)I had more or less the exact same hassles with previous providers,with the added pain of actually paying for this crap service.

As FE has said many times before,you only ever hear about the bad service whilst the good providers rarely get a mention.

  woodchip 22:17 23 Sep 11

No Problems hear with TalkTalk, Will be paying up front for Line Rental From Oct will save me about £54 a year

  Forum Editor 22:25 23 Sep 11

I'm sure that TalkTalk has many satisfied customers, but that's not the point. What has happened is that Ofcom has released information about the number of complaints it has received in respect of Telecoms providers.

The company that attracted the largest number of complaints - for both landline services and broadband - was TalkTalk.

  woodchip 22:35 23 Sep 11

FE Its a bit like buying tools if you are going to use them on a regular basis, always buy good tools. But that does not mean that all cheap tools are bad. TalkTalk is a bit like that good for some not for others. If its going to be Cheap, they have to save somewhere. my main gripe was India Call centre, me having hearing aids and them talking NOT ENGLISH read from a script. That and 75 years old do not mix well

  Joseph Kerr 22:41 23 Sep 11

I'm not sure the point is...anything, really. I'm with them and happy enough as yet. If I become sufficiently inhappy I'll look around, but a report telling me others are unhappy won't have any effect.

  spuds 23:00 23 Sep 11

Ofcom have warned TalkTalk on a number of occasions about the poor services that they are or have been providing to their subscriber base. Ofcom have made a number of threats regarding heavy fines, but so far Ofcom are still monitoring the complaints and how TalkTalk are making improvements!.

Woodchip - If you problem is serious enough, then will quite a lot of effort you might be able to obtain a 'named personal contact' via Higher Level Complaints Management, which provides UK based support.

I find with TalkTalk, that they can be a real thorn in the side, but once you have broken the initial barriers and obstructions, they can and will take out all the stops for you. But that doesn't mean that it will resolve all the problems. A bit like other ISP's perhaps?.

  Autoschediastic 18:57 24 Sep 11

Mind you guys Karoo from Hull is as bad see this

read here

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