"All that glisters is not gold"

  TopCat® 16:57 13 Mar 08

I'll bet the "Merchant of Venice" is having a good look at his now! ;o) TC. click here

  Bapou 17:07 13 Mar 08

Could it be Gordon Brown knew something no one else did when selling ours off!

  sunny staines 17:19 13 Mar 08

there was a similar story a few years ago about another country have gold plate reserves instead of gold ignot bricks.

  Grey Goo 20:01 13 Mar 08

You would have thought the weight would have given it away as gold is over 3 times the molecular weight of iron.

  Bingalau 20:08 13 Mar 08

Bapou. Maybe it was Gordon Brown that sold it to them? Has anyone checked what little we have left?

  TopCat® 20:10 13 Mar 08

there was collusion between many officials at the treasury and beyond, the Assayer, charged with checking every consignment in and out, being one of them. TC.

  natdoor 20:31 13 Mar 08

As the Greek philosopher might have said, "Eureka".

  Stuartli 00:16 14 Mar 08

>>Could it be Gordon Brown knew something no one else did when selling ours off!>>

But, in his case, it was sold off at what proved a giveaway price.

  Quickbeam 00:47 14 Mar 08

in these days of crappy pension returns?

  laurie53 07:38 14 Mar 08

Are individuals allowed to own gold in large amounts?

I seem to remember there was a limit on individual holdings at one time.

  Bingalau 09:54 14 Mar 08

Nice to see you actually got the phrase right for the heading of the thread. (I think)

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