Alex Salmond to stand for UK Parliament?

  Forum Editor 09:00 07 Dec 14

Almost certainly, by the sound of it.

So, how is this going to play out?

  natdoor 11:02 07 Dec 14

If, in the event of a No vote, he had made his intention to stand for Westminster public then I'm sure rUK would have supported independence.

  spider9 11:25 07 Dec 14

Given the massive surge in SNP membership (4X) since the referendum, I would expect him to get elected (in what is his 'home territory' after all).

If it happens then the SNP will then have a 'big name' on their benches in Westminster, and subsequently become more visible within UK politics.

  john bunyan 11:53 07 Dec 14


" and subsequently become more visible within UK politics."

Some believe that the SNP could get over 30 MP's in, and at the other political extreme, UKIP could get quite a few, with the Lib Dems losing out. It makes for an interesting political mix at the next General election. It is possible that the Labour party gets less seats than the Tories, but the SNP would get them into Government with an ad hoc deal rather than a true coalition. If that happens, God help the deficit and National Debt.

  spider9 12:24 07 Dec 14

"God help the deficit and National Debt"

Whatever party/parties/coalition/et al get power at the next election, that statement may very well be true.

The current lot can hardly claim great things (unless you listen to the boy George, and are very selective in what you hear!!).

So I am very philosophical in the matter, it will likely make no difference who gets in - we are all doomed!

  john bunyan 12:32 07 Dec 14


"So I am very philosophical in the matter, it will likely make no difference who gets in - we are all doomed!"

We are agreed!!!

  spider9 17:24 07 Dec 14

Being English and living up here in Scotland, I am staggered by the general feeling abroad since the referendum. Where one would have thought it would be a very sad 45% that 'lost', it has changed dramatically with people, all over, now talking about the ideas of Home Rule,Federalism, etc - when these were never 'pub' discussion topics previously!

I'm certainly not surprised in the increases in SNP membership, they do seem to appeal to a wide variety of Scots. It will be interesting to see whether more women are converting since Salmond handed over to Nicola.

An ENP might be an interesting idea, Jock1e.

  Belatucadrus 17:52 07 Dec 14

I think Salmond threw away the referendum, If he'd come up with some serious answers to the questions on currency and EU membership instead of his childish sticking his fingers in his ears metaphorically going "nah nah nah can't hear you", pretending it wasn't an issue or it was all a plot. I think he could have won.

  Woolwell 18:03 07 Dec 14

I have wondered for some time what would happen if UKIP rebranded as ENP.

  spider9 18:13 07 Dec 14


I think you will find that the 'EU question' could not have been answered by Salmond - because only the UK was the EU member capable of getting the answers ( and for obvious reasons they weren't going to be helpful to the Yes campaign!!!).

" I think he could have won." Some folk up here think he may have done, anyway - time may tell!

  morddwyd 18:56 07 Dec 14

"I think he could have won."

He probably would have won, but for the last minute intervention of a rejuvenated Gordon Brown.

Once a competent politician got involved in the "No" campaign (and love him or hate him, GB is certainly an able politician) the result became more uncertain. Darling nearly blew it.

With Alex at Westminster maybe GB will try Holyrood (Yes, I know he's said he won't). If so look for a tremendous resurgence of the Labour party in Scotland. He is very popular.

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