Aircraft crash in bad weather.

  Forum Editor 12:59 16 Sep 07

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I know this airport well, and have landed there in similar conditions - it wasn't a pleasant experience. There will have been tourists aboard, and some of them might be British. The airline involved is popular with back-packers.

  postie24 13:50 16 Sep 07

Nothing but tragedies these days

  spuds 14:02 16 Sep 07

Flying into and out of Kai Tak airport (1925-1998) Hong Kong could be a little scary, even on some relatively calm days.The pilots sure earned their wings there among other places.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:06 16 Sep 07

Thats a recipe for disaster if ever I heard one.


  crosstrainer 14:39 16 Sep 07

Although this was a budget airline, it is run by the national carrier similar to GO and British Airways a few years has (up til now) had a very good safety record by all accounts.

It would seem that the FE's comment about the weather may possibly prove to be the cause.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:45 16 Sep 07

and being run by a major carrier does not alter my opinion. I might add that the final straw that saw me leave the aviation industry in civvy street was when I found myself working beside garage mechanics and MOT testers doing contract servicing for a number of airlines out of manchester airport.


  WhiteTruckMan 14:48 16 Sep 07

that the company I worked for is no longer in buisness, and I have no reason to believe that the practice I outlined in my previous post is still going on. This was in the 80's when things were a bit more lax than they are now.


  Stuartli 15:01 16 Sep 07

BBC News 24 spoke to a British worker staying near the airport - he said he flew on the airline at least once a week and had had no qualms about doing so.

He added that the plane had apparently circled the airport at first due to the heavy rain but that, as far as he was aware, as it came in to land a very strong squall had got up as well.

  TopCat® 16:41 16 Sep 07

Only time will tell but I hazard a guess that wind shear - click here - allied to sudden poor visibility was the prime reason for this tragic crash.

I would certainly doubt that the pilot proceeded to land without, at that crucial time, a reasonable view of the runway. A sudden squall of adequate severity and at such a vital moment would be dangerous to any landing, in my opinion. TC.

  Forum Editor 16:41 16 Sep 07

I flew into and out of Kai Tak many times - always an interesting experience. There was something surreal about sitting in a 747 as it flew past blocks of flats with people sitting on the balconies, quite unconcerned as hundreds of tons of aircraft slid past.

  Forum Editor 16:47 16 Sep 07

and many more are in hospital, some with serious injuries. There were certainly British people aboard.

The aircraft skidded off the runway when landing in heavy rain and squalls - the worst combination in which to bring a passenger jet onto a runway. The captain had requested permission to land, and would have been made aware of the conditions. A sudden squall can destabilise an aircraft when it's about to touch down, and when that happens there's little a pilot can do but hope.

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