Airbus A380

  alB 22:31 07 Aug 08

A good panoramic view around the cockpit of the A380
click here


  MAT ALAN 22:35 07 Aug 08

Bit pants!! no CD player....

  alB 22:42 07 Aug 08

Obviously an optional extra, but it does have cup holders :-)) ...alB

  MAT ALAN 22:46 07 Aug 08

Saw those, LOL must be the ghia, it also has pilot and co-pilot on the tags on the seats, as if they didn't know where to sit...

Do like the 360 degree stuff tho....

  User2008 22:51 07 Aug 08

Look at that old laptop. You'd have thought they'd have better kit.

  Chegs ®™ 01:34 08 Aug 08

If you look up,there's an "entertaiment" feature in the roof console.Might be the CD player. :)

  John B 06:41 08 Aug 08

The big handles near the windows must be for the wing mirrors.

  crosstrainer 07:17 08 Aug 08

Great views, but I wonder if all Airbus (and other modern airliner pilots are left handed?)

I ask this because I fly with the joystick in the copilots position (on the right) I could not use it with my left hand without stacking the aircraft into the ground....Looks like I would always be in the right hand seat :((

  laurie53 07:53 08 Aug 08

"I wonder if all Airbus (and other modern airliner pilots are left handed?)"

Don't know, but most of them are left legged.

It's a fairly well documented phenomenon that most big aeroplanes touch down left leg first.

You can confirm this for yourself if you watch the next few tv shots you see of airliners landing.

  crosstrainer 08:29 08 Aug 08

The 380 (and other modern airliners) will land itself, as long as the correct equipment is installed at it's destination.

I know from hours of flying in Flight SImX, that I can not fly anything left handed. Of course back in the "Old" day's, when aircraft were controlled using cables connected to the column, the control yoke was centrally positioned. This was a lot easier :)

  Cymro. 11:22 08 Aug 08

I will never call airline pilots "glorified bus-drivers" again.

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