hijo 20:44 18 Nov 06

this is sooo upsetting....theres just no doors open for them....

click here

  Watchful 20:51 18 Nov 06

if it's so upsetting.

  lisa02 20:52 18 Nov 06

Yes it is.

Can someone tell me why they use spears? Is there not a better method, if this has to be done?

  spikeychris 20:56 18 Nov 06

Do you have an alternative? They are going to be eaten not used cosmetically -

  lisa02 21:00 18 Nov 06

I realise that Spikeychris.

I am asking do they have to use spears? it sounds so barbaric and primitive, is there not a more modern method?

  Jak_1 21:34 18 Nov 06

Given that they will die anyway Lisa, what alternative is there. Their sheer size rules out all other forms of fishing. A classic case of being cruel to be kind!

  lisa02 21:35 18 Nov 06

I suppose. I just think the thought of using spears is so caveman like. I do know and understand it has to be done.

  spuds 21:40 18 Nov 06

Spearing is a tradition for the Inuit. Usually the spear, as a tether line, so the animal cannot escape, and perhaps suffer in prolonged agony. Shooting by rifle, if used correctly, should provide instant death. Using this method could result in losing the carcass. Wounding the animal would also result in loss of animal and prolonged agony. So in this case, spearing is a better and perhaps more humane solution.

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