Advice for help with Injured Dog

  birdface 13:47 16 Feb 09

My son took his dog for a walk yesterday and stopped on a little bridge to look down on the railway line underneath,
Unfortunately the dog decided to jump over the wall and ended up in the snow beside the railway track.
Took it to the vets this morning and it is going to cost between £1.500 and £2.400 to get its leg fixed.
My son stays himself goes to university and is always short of cash.
Does anyone know organisation that would help with the operation or the costs.
it is either an operation or it has to loose the bottom part of its leg.
You may ask why it was not insured He just could not afford it.
Need a quick answer if anyone knows of any place that could help.
Sorry if this is in the wrong Forum I was not sure where to post it.

  Curio 14:03 16 Feb 09


  birdface 14:13 16 Feb 09

Many thanks for your help.I have just phoned my son and they have had another look at the X-rays and have decided it is not as bad as they first thought and it should cost about £700-£800.So just about to phone the vets and tell them to carry on and get it done,We can afford that but when it was getting to the £2.000 plus we were in difficulties.
Thank you for your help.Will now class this as resolved.

  wolfie3000 14:18 16 Feb 09

Glad to see it all worked out, its always heartbreaking to have a pet injured.

I hope the dog makes a speedy recovery.

  birdface 14:26 16 Feb 09

Thank you wolfie.lets hope it does not jump over any other walls in the future.

  peter99co 22:34 18 Feb 09
  MCE2K5 03:24 19 Feb 09

Surely, It's Barking up the Wrong Tree ;-)

I'll get my coat.

  birdface 11:53 19 Feb 09

Or even barking Mad.Nice one Like Tom says Its Most Unusual.

  Graham. 15:31 19 Feb 09

As Curio suggested, if he is on certain benefits the PDSA would do the operation for free click here

  birdface 16:05 19 Feb 09

As a full time student he does not get any benefits he has to pay his rent like everyone else but does not pay any rates.Unfortunately as he does not get any benefits he is not able to get any free treatment with PDSA.He has to travel 25 miles to get to university every day so by the time he pays fayer's gas. etc he is always short of cash.Its a pity, if he was unemployed or receiving any sort of benefits he would probably have managed to have the operation free.
So far it has cost £770 which is a lot cheaper than first estimated.
I would imagine it will need further X-rays or pills so not sure if that will be extra or included in the price. Thank you for your input.

  Demora 16:39 19 Feb 09


My thoughts are with you and family and for the dog.

I don't think what you're paying is too bad. I had a Bernese Mountain Dog, and in 1996 he had damaged a toe. Cost me over £850. to get him right. His toe had to come off, poor dog but he managed quite well for another 4 years. He was aged 8 and a half then.

Most of the medication and after treatment was included in the price for us, so I hope it will be the same for you.


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