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  lucky1 13 May 11

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the large background ads for esset and Ford Focus? With me they are taking ages to load with the page doing a double flip whilst they do so!

  ams4127 13 May 11

Using Chrome, the esset ad is loading quickly but the screen is jumping around all over the place.

  Condom 13 May 11

I don't think I have even seen either advert as yet using Firefox

  lucky1 13 May 11

Using IE9 here.

  n47. 13 May 11

Screen flipping up here. When you go to click on a page number it flicks and you end up on facebook!

  lucky1 13 May 11

I'll be seeing Ford Focuses (or Foci?} in my sleep. There's an advert for one now on either side of my screen, every time I scroll up or down it follows me!! Maybe I'm having a senior moment?

  rdave13 14 May 11

lucky1 If you don't have the command bar activated then press the ALT key to bring up the menu bar.

Under tools select pop-up blocker and make sure it's set to on. You can also select it's settings.

  lucky1 14 May 11

Pop up blocker is set to off.

  buteman 14 May 11

What you want is the IE7Pro add-on.

It is an add blocker for I/E but if you are thinking of using it look for an older version the latest version is a pain.

It also has a spell check on it and if you download it untick mini download manager and put a tick beside add blocker.

  buteman 14 May 11

This is the version that I use.IE7Pro Add-On

Forget about or do not download the latest version which is version 2.5.1

If it tries to change versions do not let it.

  buteman 14 May 11

Just to add it works on W/7 but I have been told that the spell check may not work on IE9.

I Use W/7 and IE8.

There is another new one from Simple Adblock but they have started charging and to be honest I prefer the free one.


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