As an adjunct to the 'Say Sorry'

  jack 14:01 11 May 09

What other current catchphrase wind you up.
Much of the verbiage uttered by public service people to camera seems to be contrived have you noticed.
The current one that sets my teeth [those that are left] on edge is


uttered in conversations to reporters and interviewers.

What will the next one be?

  Stuartli 14:40 11 May 09

The one that has irritated me the most over the years has been: "You know" or "Ya know".

Check it out next time on Match of the Day or news programmes when people are speaking off the cuff.

  oldbeefer2 15:20 11 May 09

'To be honest' gets up my nose - particularly when spoken by an MP!

  Spark6 15:27 11 May 09

A recent one: it is within the rules.

  Stuartli 16:10 11 May 09

Other MPs' popular spin lines: "The facts of the matter are.."; "This is a global recession and it started in America..." and "I am taking the right decisions..."

You can probably guess who the last one can be attributed to quite easily...:-)

  jack 18:56 11 May 09

'Within the rules' and 'to be honest'
attributed to an MP- gives those phrases a different meaning altogether.

  Forum Editor 19:03 11 May 09

as far as I'm concerned is the increasingly widespread habit of relating a story by using the phrase 'he goes' or 'she goes' or 'I go'.

"I went to the shop to complain and saw the manager, he goes "what can I do for you? I go "Listen mate, you sold me a duff hard drive", so he goes "Not my problem, contact the makers", so I go "No mate, FE on PCAdvisor told me you have to sort it out" and he goes "well you can tell him to stick..." Just then a woman chirps up, and she goes "He's right, Kev, we do have to sort it out" so I go "Thanks luv" so he goes "Oh all right, here's a new one".

Hand me that shotgun.

  Grey Goo 19:11 11 May 09

You obviously dont't live in Croydon, ennit!

  John B 19:22 11 May 09

"she turned around", "so I turned around" Ad infinitum!

  TonyV 19:28 11 May 09

There is also "basically" and "actually", this becomes a real pain in the butt. Politicians are particularly adept at the "actually" usage. To me, it really means they are lying in their back teeth!!


  John B 19:30 11 May 09

"so I was like ... " and "so he was like" etc.

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