Actress sues Amazon over her age on its IMDb site

  morddwyd 24 Oct 11

I know they tend to be fairly free with lawsuits in the US but this is a bit far isn't it?

The age is correct, and is a matter of public record, and IMDB is probably used more by the public than industry casting insiders

  HondaMan 24 Oct 11

Typical Americana. Everything they do is OTT

  Kevscar1 24 Oct 11

if she,s up and coming at over 40 she can't be that good.

  spuds 24 Oct 11

I suppose if she wins her claim, then it may well supplement her income. Perhaps something that her acting career hasn't done so far?.

  Forum Editor 24 Oct 11

I once did some work with an Actress who was known for her good looks. She appeared regularly on TV, and had -at that time - been in a few films as well.

While we were working together she went to America to discuss the possibility of appearing in a Burt Reynolds movie, and shortly after she came home she received the news that Burt thought she was too old for the part. She must have been about 38 years old at the time, and I remember how upset she was that she had lost a part because of her age. It was obviously something that hurt her badly, and brought home to me how sensitive female actors can be about the age thing.

The woman in question later went on to land a leading part in a huge TV series, so life presumably took on a rosier tint.

  Aitchbee 24 Oct 11

Nigel Terry, who played 'Arthur' in the great film 'Excalibur', was quoted by imdb to be 6'1". That was six months ago.He is now 5'11" and described as 'short'.That's the long and tall of it.Nigel is a great actor.He is actually 5'7".

  wiz-king 24 Oct 11

And I thought it was only on dating sites that people told porkies! grin

  Joseph Kerr 25 Oct 11

And I've still precisely no idea who it is, and they took til the last paragraph (i think) to tell me why Amazon are involved.


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