'Absolutely' is the buzz word in Libya

  Colonel Graham 23:36 24 Aug 11

Every interviewee I see answers a question with 'Absolutely'. It's getting on my nerves.

  Forum Editor 23:51 24 Aug 11

It's on a par with interviewees who start their answers to questions with 'so'.

Interviewer: What are your plans for the weekend?

Interviewee: So, I'm going to get up late and slob around.

Listen out for it, you'll hear it cropping up all over the place.

As for 'absolutely', you would think that a simple 'yes' would do just as well, but apparently not. These silly, irritating media-person speaking habits come to light because we all hear them, but they're just as prevalent in the commercial world, I assure you.

I have a client who seems to have infected all his fellow Directors with the habit of 'going forward' all the time. Everything is discussed in terms of going forward, instead of 'from now on', or 'in future'. Going forward we'll be buying a new file-server, etc.

I could go on, but you would be absolutely bored, going forward.

  zzzz999 03:45 25 Aug 11

'At the end of the day'.................runs screaming from the room

  wiz-king 06:40 25 Aug 11

'Thinking outside the box' grates with me.

  morddwyd 07:07 25 Aug 11

Basically, this is just how it is!

  smokingbeagle 07:12 25 Aug 11

Ah! these examples are just a case of picking the low-hanging fruit and scoring quick wins.

  lotvic 12:54 25 Aug 11

'Definitely' is the reply that irritates me.

  john bunyan 15:14 25 Aug 11

Good cook as Jamie Oliver may be, he iritates by the frequent use of "This is what it's all about" whenever he cooks something or adds a bit of seasoning.

  lucky1 15:21 25 Aug 11

Or in restaurants and shops 'no problem' drives me nuts!

  Bald Eagle 16:39 25 Aug 11

It kicked off with..... NO NO NO It started with.......

  john bunyan 17:35 25 Aug 11

Have we ticked all the boxes? Another phrase I dislike.

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