And ABOUT TIme!!

  Uboat 23:57 29 Jun 09

Sorry for the dry Title! But this is something that has anoyyed me for years!!

Seems the End Is Nigh for all the differant mobile phone chargers!

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  lotvic 00:00 30 Jun 09

I'll second that.

  Forum Editor 00:20 30 Jun 09

back at the beginning of the year - let's hope it doesn't take another six months to deliver what should be a pretty simple technology.

  laurie53 08:18 30 Jun 09

I'm sure it's not like that anymore.

Now we are in the EU we all work in harmony together don't we?

(If you think your experience is bad, try getting a tri-service agreement on the correct description of a torch battery through the MoD!)

  dagnammit 10:59 30 Jun 09

It'll probably mean all mfrs switching to RS-USB for connectivity and charging.

It's already a set standard and many models of phone carry the port anyway.

  dagnammit 11:01 30 Jun 09

I meant to add...

The difficulty is not in making a charger but each company modding the handset designs. Sony Ericsson for example do not use rs-usb, they use a "pop port" which is similar to what Nokia moved away from years ago. Motorola has been using rs-usb for connectivity and charging for some time now.

  Noldi 11:32 30 Jun 09

It will make a lot more room in our kitchen thats for sure. 1 draw is full of chargers.


  dagnammit 11:42 30 Jun 09

Printers don't come with cables because it's assumed you have one, so does that mean once a universal charger is implemented that phones won't come with a charger?

  dagnammit 11:52 30 Jun 09

If I was Motorola I'd be arguing "why should we incur more costs because we were first to adapt rs-usb?"

  Forum Editor 18:30 30 Jun 09

I discovered that the in-car charger for my daughter's satnav also works as an in-car charger for my phone and my PDA.

  dagnammit 08:57 01 Jul 09

Care to tell us the names of the mfrs that made the devices or indeed the charger connection? Was it rs-usb?

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