Able to email even if phone line is faulty.

  Meshuga 19:41 11 Jan 08

This question is mainly for members living in spain but answers from anyone are welcome.
My daughter lives on mainland Spain and recently could not make phone calls and I could not reach her. Suddenly I got an email from her saying that her phone was not working so do not try phoning. She is not on Broadband and is on dial up pay as you go with AOL. Her phone service is provided by Telefonica. How can she send emails down a dead phoneline? The mail was sent from her own PC. She still can`t use the phone.

  Meshuga 20:00 11 Jan 08

I am having to go out now and will check for replies when I return. Thanks.

  john bunyan 20:08 11 Jan 08

I had same thing in UK.An undeground cable (four wires) was partially severed. I think only two are needed for internet so be grateful at least internet is ok.

  Meshuga 20:48 11 Jan 08

john bunyan. Thanks for your reply, that makes sense. I just could not understand how it could happen. I will leave the thread open for a while to see what others may think.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:55 11 Jan 08

Perhaps they use Local Loop Unbundling

* Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is where ADSL or SDSL broadband technologies are provided without using the exchange system.

  interzone55 21:12 11 Jan 08

She uses AOL dial-up so LLU isn't a factor.

I think that if internet is working but the phone isn't the problem is probably with the phone.

Dial-up internet with a modem uses the same two wires as the phone, the digital data is converted to analogue and squirted down the speech circuit.

The same is true with ADSL, here the line is split - the high frequency range is used for data, the low frequency for voice so that both can operate at the same time

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:48 11 Jan 08

Must read the thread properly before posting ;0)

I agree if she is on the old dial up then line must be working and its the phone thats faulty.

  Simsy 23:17 11 Jan 08

she sent the email using another phone line? You said "The mail was sent from her own PC." but if it's a laptop perhaps she took it somewhere else.

Or perhaps you're assuming it was sent from her PC, and in fact it wasn't, and she sent it from an internet cafe using webmail.

Clutching at straws!



  Stuartli 23:52 11 Jan 08

LLU still uses the final stages from the exchange to your Master socket (i.e. in the UK normally provided by BT).

  DieSse 00:01 12 Jan 08

"Her phone service is provided by Telefonica."

She might have a radiophone - which has separate circuits internally for the phone and the internet connection (the ericsson models actually have a modem inside them).

She might even have a satellite phone! We have quite a few around here, for isolated houses in radio dead spots (lots of mountains!). This has separate circuits too.

  Meshuga 07:56 12 Jan 08

Many thanks to all those who replied. My apologies for delay in answering. My Daughter is an eldely lady living alone and she only has a basic tower PC, she does not have a radio phone, satellite connection or a laptop as suggested. Any usage of her PC would be done from its normal location. I am inclined to think therefore that the fault lies in the phone itself, as has been suggested. I will find out more when I am able to contact her. Thanks again to all for your response, I will tick this resolved, from this end at least, and will come back when I find out from her what the cause was.

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