The abduction of 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls

  wee eddie 20:06 13 May 14

I yesterday heard on Radio 4, this snippet:-

Now we all know of the kidnaping of 200 Nigerian Schoolgirls and we know that this was an appalling act.

However Radio 4, yesterday, pointed out that this was not an isolated incident.

Previously, President Goodluck Johanathan, the Nigerian Premier, had ordered and carried out, the abduction of the wives and children of a number of Boko Haram Leaders and had them put into a Concentration Camp.

There appear to be two sides to every story and perhaps we should be more careful before coming to our conclusion. This, in no way excuses the abduction of the Schoolgirls, but it does give you a flavour of the dispute that we are only seeing an edited version of.

  fourm member 09:03 14 May 14

Was that a BBC employee saying that or someone on Radio 4 who might have their own reasons for using the words 'concentration camp'.

I wonder if it referred to this story of a camp for people displaced by the conflict.

It is the way of the world to be selective about what is news. This morning there is widespread coverage of the deaths in a mine in Turkey but much less interest in the killing of 375 people in Nigeria.

You are right to say we only see a fraction of any story. Goodluck Jonathan is very far from being an angel especially when it comes to his treatment of homosexuals. Nigeria's record on human rights is appalling.

The problem comes with people who look at what's happening and say it is because Boko Haram claims to be an Islamic organisation.

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  fourm member 10:07 15 May 14

It is a difficult question; When evil people are killing evil people, how do you protect the innocent?

And it is, it seems, too uncomfortable for people who like their world to be simple.

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  fourm member 11:17 15 May 14

MechKB 2

'Are Boko Haram killing evil people?'

I think you missed my point. The first 'evil people' as per the link are, allegedly, the Nigerian army killing the second 'evil people', Boko Haram who, as you say kill indiscriminately.

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