AA calls OFT report on Petrol Pricing "a whitwash"

  SillBill 30 Jan 13

I tend to agree with the AA on this, when the government rakes in 60% of the price in Duty and VAT, what is there left to play around with? Although the Oil companies are not squeaky clean either, falling crude prices don't make their way to the pumps as fast as when crude prices go up.

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

Smoke 'n' Mirrors 'n' Rockets 'n' Feathers are called to [my] mind [TIC].

  Bing.alau 30 Jan 13

It's too regular not to be a whitewash. If only we could all stop using the damn stuff for a week or two. (A sort of strike by the customers). That might make them think.

The way it's going it shouldn't be to long before the truck drivers etc., will have had enough and block the roads. Then again we aren't French are we?

  fourm member 30 Jan 13

Given that the easy way out would have been for the OFT to say it wasn't able to reach a conclusion so it was passing it to the Competition Commission to look at, I'm happy that the OFT knows what it is talking about.

  SillBill 30 Jan 13

fourm member

" There is little evidence to suggest that when crude prices fall, pump prices are slow to come down" Yep, OFT knows what it is talking about!

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

The Rocket & Feather effect, 'percieved' by people who run cars, is that petrol prices tend to go up 'like a rocket' when the price of crude oil goes up, but petrol prices [at the pump] tend to go down 'like a feather', if the oil market [price of oil] plunges.

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

Smoke & Mirrors are self-explanatory.

  SillBill 30 Jan 13


We can be thankful then, that OFT hasn't heard of the R & F effect.

  SillBill 30 Jan 13

My "perception" as I hand over another £80 at Tesco's filling station is that I'm being ripped off by A) The Government and B) The Multi National Oil companies.

  Aitchbee 30 Jan 13

I would conclude, SillBill, that your powers of observation are 'topnotch'.

  Quickbeam 30 Jan 13

My perception is that I'm just simply ripped off...


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