£98 computers!

  smartpoly 12:43 17 Jan 11

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Do you think this will work and who decides who gets what?

And where do you get 9 million re-furbished units from.

  peter99co 12:56 17 Jan 11

I would think with all the cutbacks there may be a lot of laptops going spare right across the Public Sector. Save then from being lost ;o)

  jakimo 13:49 17 Jan 11

The majority will become obsolete and have a nil value long before they could be refurbished

  LLF 15:23 17 Jan 11

When you can buy a brand new Netbook for less that £150, I don't consider £98 for a recon, to be particularly good value.

  Terry Brown 17:06 17 Jan 11

Has it occured to anyone that some people (especially the seniors) do not want to be computer literate.

I agree some do, but a lot see no need for it, and even if you give them a computer, they would proberley never use it.


  Blackhat 17:32 17 Jan 11

A few of the details in the report when put together indicate failure.

‘Race Online 2012, which aims to "make the UK the first nation in the world where everyone can use the web",’

‘Distributor Remploy hopes to sell 8,000 machines in the next 12 months.’

‘four million are socially and economically disadvantaged’

So 5 million are probably able to get on line but choose not to, it is only a 12 month trial during which Remploy hopes to sell 8000 units. Sounds to me like come 2012 there will be a lot of obsolete computers that will loose their cheap internet deals.

This is a government scheme offering subsidiaries so will be scrapped before long like the home access scheme which lasted 8 months. As Terry Brown point out there is no way my elderly parents would consider a computer.

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