70's & 80's kids programs

  mad1234 07:25 11 Sep 06

over the weekend we somehow started talking about the programmes we watched when we were kids & came up with quite a few but i'm sure we didn't get them all.

what did you love to watch when you were a kid?

some of the ones we came up with were -
Danger mouse
the klangers
charlton & the wheelies (loved the witch)
mr ben

  egapup 08:33 11 Sep 06

I watched The Range Rider, The Lone Ranger and another with 2 Mexicans but i cant remember it's name.

  josie mayhem 08:47 11 Sep 06

TISWAS (today is satursay where a smile)

  mad1234 09:09 11 Sep 06

just thought of another

what was the one with gordon the gopher in it?

  Dizzy Bob 09:57 11 Sep 06

We've done this one before!

click here

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!


  mad1234 10:12 11 Sep 06

ok Dizzy Bob

i get the point

  Dizzy Bob 10:29 11 Sep 06

click here

From channel 4's greatest Kid's TV programmes


  mad1234 11:28 11 Sep 06

i thought you said Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!

  Dizzy Bob 11:33 11 Sep 06

I've gone all misty eyed!!


  mad1234 12:31 11 Sep 06

don't get too misty eyed or you might walk into something

  lisa02 12:43 11 Sep 06

Two blondes walk into a bar...

you'd have thought one of them would have seen it.

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