£7,000 for month-long 'supercar' wash

  peter99co 18:19 20 Jul 10

click here

Natural wax imported from Brazil at more than £8,000 per tin takes pride of place on his trolley.

How does your car wash compare?

  rawprawn 18:46 20 Jul 10

Mine is better (err, well cheaper) BMW Shampoo and a bucket of water, brush, and power hose. Then a leather to dry off.

  ronalddonald 19:46 20 Jul 10

why not try showroom shine from click here

  ronalddonald 19:47 20 Jul 10

so how much does he charge then is it worth it

  ams4127 21:07 20 Jul 10

I just wait until it rains. I have no interest at all in how my car looks. Mechanically though, it's perfect.

  wiz-king 21:19 20 Jul 10

Bit dificult to use 140 DegC water, it would have to be under a lot of pressure! 'Elf 'n' safety might not approve.

  mr simon 21:54 20 Jul 10

I think this is fantastic. The guy has found a niche in the market and offering a brilliant service at a price he knows it can command from owners of top end cars. Hope he keeps up the good work.

  wee eddie 22:05 20 Jul 10

Right down to the Brazilian Wax

  BT 08:34 21 Jul 10

I had my new car treated with Supagard.
click here
Eliminates polishing for up to 3 years. This also includes treating all the upholstery with Scotchguard.
All I need to do is give it a wash occasionally and it dries to a brilliant shine. Comes with a maintenance pack of shampoos, bird lime remover spray, repair paste and polishing cloths.

  interzone55 08:39 21 Jul 10

I've always used Autoglym, if it's good enough for Aston Martin it's good enough for the motley collection of vehicles I've owned (mini, pug 106, various Daewoos and a Fabia)...

  Strawballs 04:07 22 Jul 10

Is that the pack that comes in a green bag with velcro on the bottom to stop it sliding around in the boot?

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