70 Years for Murder!

  Vangeliska 15:10 08 Nov 06

Why does the Media have this obsession with "sent to prison for a total of" One of the murderers got a minimum of 25 years which was the longest sentence, another got 23 years and the third 22 years. I suppose 70 years makes a better headline.

  Kate B 15:27 08 Nov 06

There's nothing wrong with expressing it that way and yup, it makes a good headline.

  Vangeliska 15:28 08 Nov 06

It's a nonsense!

  egapup 15:32 08 Nov 06

I think the clue lies in the word "total".

  Monoux 15:44 08 Nov 06

Read the other day that prosecutors in the Bali Bombers case will be asking for sentences of 28,000 years. Not good enough they will be out in 14,000 with good behavour :0)

  Vangeliska 15:47 08 Nov 06

Just about makes sense!!

  Kate B 15:50 08 Nov 06

It's not a nonsense, Vangeliska. Why do you think it is?

  Vangeliska 15:53 08 Nov 06

Because it is a gimmicky headline which means nothing at all.

  donki 16:40 08 Nov 06

THe headline states the number of years handed out for a murder? It would be a little long winded and take up to much space to say - THREE MEN GET A TOTAL OF 70 YEARS.

It is to make you pick the paper, nothing wrong with it.

  Kate B 16:51 08 Nov 06

It's not a gimmicky headline, it's perfectly legitimate.

  Vangeliska 17:03 08 Nov 06

If it's not gimmicky, what does it mean?

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