7 Versions of Windows Vista!!!!

  powerless 21:12 10 Sep 05

Paul Thurrott click here

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition ;-)))

Should be great asking what o/s a person has on this forum!

  Totally-braindead 21:27 10 Sep 05

Sounds like a way of making more money to me. I can imagine a lot people will buy one of the basic editions then find they need one or more of the items only to be found on the other editions and then have to buy another copy. It seems to me to be totally over the top. Why not just create 2 editions like we have with XP Home and Pro or 3 if you count the Media Edition and give people the option to install say a basic or advanced setup. Surely that would be better for the user, though perhaps not for Microsoft.

  octal 22:27 10 Sep 05

In Windows Vista Starter Edition part of the rhetoric says "This version will only be sold in emerging markets." What do they mean exactly by an emerging market? And why would they won't a broken Windows anyway?

  powerless 22:35 10 Sep 05

India, Russia...

  octal 22:49 10 Sep 05

"India, Russia" Good grief! I would thought they are more than capable of getting to grips with the latest IT judging from the amount of phishing emails that emanate from those regions. Plus all the call centres that are springing up in India, plus industry, I still don't think they'll go for a cut down version of Windows, they'll want the full Monty for their needs.

Still, I'm going to sit back and watch the fun :-) it's going to be interesting.

  Thalmus 23:23 10 Sep 05

i can't believe that the starter edition will only let you run three applications and/or three windows!

  Sir Radfordin 23:23 10 Sep 05

Hasn't MS released something to these so called emerging markets in at lower cost in an attempt to reduce the number of priate copies of the software out there?

  powerless 23:26 10 Sep 05


Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition

click here

Their doing the same with Vista.

  Thalmus 23:31 10 Sep 05

On a recent visit to china I found that you could walk into any shop on the street and buy copied versions of any software for about 50p. And its an under the counter job they are displayed for everyone to see. You could get XP, server 2003, SQL, Exchange, anything and everything and is the same for DVD's aswell.

Makes me think that they can't have any copyright laws out there.

  Forum Editor 02:09 11 Sep 05

I also visit China on a regular basis in the course of my work. I see the same software that you saw, and I see people using it in offices and hotels, etc. It's a problem, and there's no real answer. China wants to develop its own Windows-style operating system, because it knows it has a home market large enough to warrant the development costs. The big thing, as far as China is concerned is to increase the incidence of computer ownership in the population.This is governed to a large extent by cost factors, and that's why there's such a ready market for pirate software.

As for Windows Vista - it's still very much in its infancy. I'm currently running the beta 1 version for developers only, and it looks pretty good. Later betas will contain more new features, and I'll get a better idea of the OS. In the meantime, Microsoft have made it a condition of my beta panel membership that I don't discuss beta 1 in print, so I had better shut up.

  octal 16:06 11 Sep 05

"China wants to develop its own Windows-style operating system, because it knows it has a home market large enough to warrant the development costs." Also "This is governed to a large extent by cost factors, and that's why there's such a ready market for pirate software."

I wonder if Microsoft are getting a bit concerned that it might loose out to open source generally if they don't try and keep costs down by offering a cheaper cut down version.

Microsoft have a problem, if they start stamping down hard on piracy in those countries and they have to start paying the real cost of Windows operating systems, then it stands to reason they are going to look for a cheaper alternative.

I personally think Microsoft have missed the boat now that China, for instance, have had a taste of a full blown version of a Windows operating system, albeit pirated, are they going to accept a cut down version of it which they now have to pay for? I know what I would say "Thanks, but no thanks, I've found an operating system that has cost me next to nothing and it does everything which Windows can do" I might be proved wrong, only time will tell.

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