6 More disc's lost

  jakimo 13:22 24 Nov 07

containing confidential information,search is now being carried out at TNT premises,bank account holders are being advised to check their accounts at regular intervals,the banks and not the account holder will report any anomalies to the police.

Where will it all end I wonder?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:27 24 Nov 07

Do you have any links to this story?


  FungusBoggieman 13:31 24 Nov 07

on news 24 now 6 disc non sensitive data by tnt

  jakimo 14:25 24 Nov 07

I saw the report on Sky News at 1pm,and no doubt will be reported throughout the day or even longer,the report did state the 6 disc's contained confidential information

  Blackhat 14:44 24 Nov 07

Here's a link.

click here

  Blackhat 15:03 24 Nov 07

Relates to confidential information and postage.

click here

  Forum Editor 16:15 24 Nov 07

contained recordings of a telephone complaint made by a member of the public about a child allowance matter.

  jakimo 18:29 24 Nov 07

Isnt "disc" British English


"Disk" American English ?

  Forum Editor 18:41 24 Nov 07

You'll see both spellings of the word being used in the computer industry, it doesn't really matter, as long as the meaning's clear.

I wouldn't use the 'disk' spelling if I was referring to a disc of metal, or a vinyl audio disc.

  bremner 18:41 24 Nov 07

Disk for floppy from diskette.

Disc for optical media.

But who really cares?

  bremner 18:42 24 Nov 07

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