50p tax rate, kite flying?

  spider9 17:27 13 Aug 11

tax rate

Personally I'm not objecting to paying less tax on my income, but I question the wisdom of Osborne announcing this investigation in the midst of the current 'squeeze' and riots, when much discussion has been about our 'divided society', and the haves and have-nots.

Was this a sensible thing to bring up - just now - or a potential 'own goal?

  minilite 18:10 13 Aug 11

You are going to get this type of thing from an insensitive government,I will not be voting for Boris Johnson next time as he is one of the people who have been advocating this .I'm afraid governments have not learnt anything,This society is more divided than ever and calls like this will only store up more trouble,the greed of the upper classes in this country seems never ending. Make employers set up apprenticeships before they are allowed to employ and not take the easy way out of employing from abroad.I would also insist that they pay their taxes if they want to sell their products in this country.

  Pine Man 18:44 13 Aug 11

the greed of the upper classes in this country seems never ending

Remind me - was it them that did the looting? hmmmm.

  interzone55 18:50 13 Aug 11

Personally I'd rather they concentrate on closing all the loopholes the rich use to avoid tax than pass on more of the tax burden on the low paid.

This is an interesting article from the Telegraph earlier in the week...


  spider9 19:03 13 Aug 11

Pine Man

"Remind me - was it them that did the looting?"

One might suggest that MPs did a fair amount of 'looting' recently, just of a more subtle variety, perhaps?? They also robbed the public, they just didn't wear masks or hoods.

Remind me, also, how many of them saw the inside of a courtroom? (Thousands of the 'looters' have.)

  interzone55 19:24 13 Aug 11

Pine Man

Remind me - was it them that did the looting? hmmmm.

Well this millionaire's daughter may have been involved...


  spider9 20:24 13 Aug 11

fourm member - typical politician's response from you, I fear. Neglect the question asked and answer your own, instead.

I never argued about the tax itself (as I said I will be better off if it reduces, so I'm not complaining), my question was about whether right NOW, given all the circumstances, was the best time to bring it up?

  ams4127 20:25 13 Aug 11

If I was wealthy enough to be taxed at 50p, I certainly would not be a resident of this country long enough for it to hurt.

Why people stay who do get taxed at this rate is beyond me. Take your company and go.

  mark2 20:38 13 Aug 11


I count 4 responses above other than fourm member's that don't attempt to answer the question :-(

Hoewever there is no right time to bring up the question, he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't, but if it is not bringing in any extra tax or administering it costs more than the income from it then yes it should go, thus he is doing as he should in considering scrapping it to lessen the burden on other tax payers.

  spider9 21:04 13 Aug 11

mark2 "..he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't"

I'm afraid I cannot see your reasoning in him being "..damned if he doesn't"!!

My point would be that at this particular time it would surely have done no harm not to mention it at all. There was no immediate reason to announce this as he did, a quiet word with his officials to seek this information from the IR would achieve the same result, surely? Then it could be announced, with reasons.

That was why I asked if it was a usual politician's 'kite flying', but, in my view, at a very bad moment. Did he race back from holiday to specially announce this? I thought the return was due to the riot situation - but maybe I'm mistaken.

  spider9 07:33 14 Aug 11

fourm member "Would you rather he wait until March and ask them to cobble some numbers together"

For Heaven's sake, can you not understand? I clearly said that he could have quietly asked his minions to find out these figures for him before next year.

Of course all tax rates need reviewing - but why make this announcement NOW? Just at the time all the riots and 'divided society' are prevalent?

If, as you say, Osborne didn't realise that people (and not only the cynical) would find this discussion of possibly reducing higher tax rates at this particular time offensive - then I am of the opinion that he is totally naive (and deserves his title 'Boy George'?) and that trait is worrying in a Chancellor.

Do you not agree?


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