£500m cost of running Parliament !

  tein 00:45 19 Aug 09

Oh dear is this value for money.?

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  newman35 08:19 19 Aug 09

It will be interesting to see what happens to next year's figure, following the new 'clean-up' rules. Not too optimistic, but willing to wait and see!

  caccy 08:50 19 Aug 09

How about another headline stating:-

"The cost of parliament is 20% less than the BBC's exagerated figure of £500 million at just under £400 million".

  natdoor 09:19 19 Aug 09

The total annual cost of the Additional Cost Allowance, some aspects of which gave rise to the so-called expenses scandal, is some £11 million. So don't expect a significant reduction in total costs next year. The cost of the time and energy wasted on the whole affair and of the revised legislation will greatly outweigh any savings.

  oresome 11:32 19 Aug 09

The figure appears remarkably low to me and I suspect the real cost is much higher.

I wonder if it takes account of all the grace and favour residences, their upkeep and the staff employed there and the round the clock security necessary for some ministers?

Perhaps many of these costs are placed in departmental budgets and not directly attributed to the cost of running Parliament.

  interzone55 12:27 19 Aug 09

I'd say it's a bargain.

The US Secret Service spent $120m just protecting Barak Obama and John Carey during last year's presidential campaign.

Their Budget for protecting the President, First Lady, Vice President and various ex-presidents (up to Dubya had secret service guards for life, now it's just 10 years after leaving office) runs into billions.

I can't even begin to estimate the cost of running Senate, Congress and all the state departments...

  Snec 12:55 19 Aug 09

I agree, much much higher.

  Cymro. 16:30 19 Aug 09

Things like this never come cheap and nor should they. We may not be the great nation we used to be but we should have the confidence to put-up a decent show of such things. We may not be as proud of our nation as we used to be but there are plenty in this world that would be only too glad to have such an establishment as our parliament.

  oresome 17:32 19 Aug 09

fourm member,

It seems my pension will buy more than I thought, if you can get all that for £500m!

  caccy 19:35 19 Aug 09

fourm member
The speed of the digit deceived the eye that early in the morning.

  interzone55 21:05 19 Aug 09

£500,000,000 is an awful lot of money. It's goes quite along way...

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