400 hundred years ago today

  Snec 10:46 05 Nov 09

400 hundred years ago today Guy Fawkes was unsuccessful in his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Would it be a good or a bad thing if someone was actually successful today, 400 years later?

  jakimo 11:04 05 Nov 09

A bad thing,a rebuild would mean another enormous bill for the tax payer

  Grey Goo 11:11 05 Nov 09

Should have done it yesterday during PMQTime. Would have got the whole sorry bunch in one go.

  canarieslover 11:18 05 Nov 09

I doubt that they would have got the whole sorry bunch as the one of the few times that they all seem to be there together is when there is a vote that may result in the government being put under pressure to resign. Another time is when the expenses office is open.

  Quickbeam 11:23 05 Nov 09

They kept the 400th anniversary quite... that must be to discourage a repeat attempt:)

  interzone55 12:22 05 Nov 09

That would be 405 years ago today - the Gunpowder Plot was 5th November 1604 and Guy Fawkes was executed on 31st Jan 1605...

  Monoux 12:24 05 Nov 09

Blast -- or rather non-blast --- you mean it's still there.

I knew I should have got a better fuse rather than rely on the one I bought in Poundland !!

  ventanas 12:26 05 Nov 09

Date of Plot 5th November 1605

Execution 31st Jan 1606

click here

click here

  Snec 12:37 05 Nov 09

What's five or six years amongst friends.

  wids001 13:05 05 Nov 09

Strange that in this day and age we celebrate a terrorist plot!

  wiz-king 14:59 05 Nov 09

Religion is the root of all evils - well maybe not all but a lot of them.

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