3D Street View

  babybell 14:38 22 Apr 10

I have just been messing around on Google Street View and when I right clicked, I was given the option to enter 3D mode and to my surprise, it turns the images into 3D (Assuming one is wearing the correct glasses of course)

Was anyone else aware of this trick or am I just slow on the uptake?

  Al94 17:32 22 Apr 10

You'll need these click here

  babybell 17:51 22 Apr 10

I assume that is someones attempt at an hilarious joke?

  peter99co 18:24 22 Apr 10

It does say untrusted on the link before you click.

  babybell 18:44 22 Apr 10

It loaded ok for me and seem perfectly safe, it was more the instructions on how to print out 3D glasses that seems to be the joke.

  Monoux 19:34 22 Apr 10

babybell--- When I wer nobut a lad we used to try and make the red and blue bits for the glasses out of Quality Street sweetie wrappers.

Can't for the life of me remember if they worked though

  jack 20:11 22 Apr 10

This may be a joke or the author has omitted to instruct the experimenter [babybell]
to print out onto transparency material
Then it may.
or as Monoux says- sweety wrappers.

  babybell 20:40 22 Apr 10

now if were talking transparency paper then I guess that would work, makes no reference to that in the instructions though, so thought it was a wind up.

  peter99co 20:42 22 Apr 10

The 3D works for me

  D@ve 23:39 22 Apr 10

Well I thought it was a joke too, until I seen this click here which I'm fairly sure is a genuine Google site? And the pictures on there pretty much confirm that this is not being printed onto transparent paper!

  D@ve 23:45 22 Apr 10

"This is an April Fools' joke. Read more about it on the Google Chrome Blog."

I actually saw that too but thought it said 'This is NOT an April Fool's joke'.

I knew it couldn't possibly work without transparent paper LOL, and even then, the printer and monitor would have to be calibrated properly to get the shades of colour correct.

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