2nd life on BBC news this morning.

  patsyanne 12:10 12 Sep 06

Did anyone see this on BBC news this morning ? is anyone using it ?

  patsyanne 12:11 12 Sep 06

Sorry forgot to put link click here

  1minute 14:13 12 Sep 06

Looks like an advert for your site to me, but i could be wromg?

  spuds 14:23 12 Sep 06

American sponsership on the BBC news? :O(

  patsyanne 14:27 12 Sep 06

1minute , ha ha if i was running that site i would be in the Bahamas now ! it was just strange because people buy land that doesnt really exist . I just wondered if anyone was signed up to it ,thats all .

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 12 Sep 06

I'm afraid I prefer to live in the real world.


  patsyanne 14:53 12 Sep 06

GANDALF <|:-)> But it seems a lot of people dont live in the real world because there are 1000s of people who use that site and trade in that websites cash and buy land that doesnt exist and pay $195 maintenance a year on land that doesnt exist. i just found it really weird .

  €dstowe 15:17 12 Sep 06

No more weird that people paying out money to have stars named after them.

  patsyanne 15:20 12 Sep 06

€dstowe.Yep must be the same lot on that web site that bought stars .

  silverous 15:26 12 Sep 06

I think it is an interesting concept and thanks for posting, I'm going to have a look at it in more detail. I've enjoyed playing games like populous, age of empires etc. in the past and from a quick look it looks like that kind of thing only online.

No harm.

  patsyanne 15:31 12 Sep 06

silverous it did look interesting on the news this morning and the reporter couldnt figure it all out untill the owner told her how to do it, be interesting <to me > to see how you get on. Dont buy any land !

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