268mph Bugatti Veyron...Ive Ordered mine!!

  Uboat 23:39 06 Jul 10

Yup ive started my stamp collection for one! not had a email reply though lol

click here

  AL47 23:44 06 Jul 10

Dream car

Wow lol good to see the record isn't US lol

  I am Spartacus 23:53 06 Jul 10

Takes talent to make not only the fastest road car but the ugliest as well.

  AL47 23:58 06 Jul 10

It's a nice looking car

Although I'm not fussed on the orange, it's still a gorgeous looking car!

  wiz-king 06:33 07 Jul 10

I wonder how it does on the school run (urban cycle)?

  Quickbeam 07:52 07 Jul 10

engine capable of 268mph to move two people around the West End at 10 mph? I must be becoming an old fart...

  jack 09:09 07 Jul 10

The makers of these things get so embroiled in the exercise.
The production and sales of these object can never recoup the costs.
Their practicality is nil
And yes - I am not a fan of TopGear either or the wafflings of the trio of twits that present it.

So there - I really am an old fart

  jakimo 10:29 07 Jul 10

The Colour Scheme is Striking

(Topgear: WOW!,a celeb test drives a car one second faster than anyone else,and Clarkson has a orgasm ) I must be an old fart as well.

Apparently, the Bugatti Veyron costs £5million to produce, while it is only sold for about £1million.

(Well according to Top Gear)

  interzone55 12:18 07 Jul 10

Yes, VW lose about €4m per car, but just as with F1, which is another huge money pit, the technology eventually trickles down to the mainstream where the real money is made.

No, your Ford Focus won't be capable of travelling at 268mph anytime soon, but the technology used in the huge turbo-chargers on the Veyron could be used to make cars travel faster whilst using less fuel...

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